# 52 “Are you okay?”/ “Is that okay?” / “Do you agree?”/ I am agree (what???)

I hope you said, “I am agree”  to the question in the green box 

Alice: I scheduled a meeting for 10 tomorrow morning. Are you okay? / Is that okay?

John: I’m okay with that OR That’s okay with me.

Alice: I think we should hold the meeting in a restaurant. Do you agree? / Are you okay?

John: Yes, I do.









#51 reparation / repair ((Yes, we reached 50 top mistakes and have decided to continue with more mistakes!)

The reparation / repair of the cellphone screen cost 200 euros.

Repair can also be a verb. The cellphone screen was repaired for 200 euros.

maxresdefault.jpgReparation means

  • money that a country or group that loses a war pays because of the damage, injury, deaths, etc., it has caused

  • something that is done or given as a way of correcting a mistake that you have made or a bad situation that you have caused